Couldn't find Remote Library on Synology - Firewall

Just a quick note for anyone who does the install and can’t connect to the remote library. The vital step missing from the FAQ/install blog post is the adding of a Firewall rule on the NAS to allow access to UDP 9003. I’m sure this maybe in the other server install docs someplace but for those like me who didn’t read that, this may help!

Thank you very much Mike. Can you please help expand your answer on where in Synology to do that? I will appreciate it very much.

Hi Arif

Assuming you’re running DSM 6.

Control Panel > Security > Firewall (tab)

Select Edit Rules.
Select the correct Interface from the dropdown box (You may only have 1 option)
“Create” a new custom firewall rule allowing access to Destination port 9003 using UDP.
Enter your Source IP criteria.I restrict accès to my internal subnet for the Source IP.


Thank you very much Mike for your kind help. If you are ever in this part of the world, I will buy you a drink. Have a great week!