Couple of Roon Radio feature requests

I am getting more and more into Roon Radio. A couple of requests:

  1. Be able to Play Radio from a Playlist (like you can with an Artist or Album), with the intention of finding similar songs to listen to and potentially add to same playlist. [As a side note, Spotify does this at the end of a playlist when you load it. This could be another way of getting at same function… use Roon Radio recommendation logic to pull up additional similar songs on the Playlist screen (as an optional click)]

  2. (not related) After playing in a session, sometimes there are songs I want to give “Radio Feedback” on. When a song is playing there is a thumbs up… I would like to be able to thumbs up and down the radio songs that are in History. Sometimes I don’t realize or I am doing things and I want to mark the songs.


Excellent request!

I cannot find the reference but I am sure @brian has stated this doesn’t happen because a playlist does not necessarily have any sort of theme that Roon radio can latch onto.

No themes you say? I have many playlists that I use for a doing Spinning workouts. So the theme would be music for Spinning.

Other themes might be:

Background music
Bossa Nova

Sorry, I should have been clearer - you might know the theme, but Roon won’t. It could be some random arrangement of songs

Well then I guess the Roon development team has some work to do. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have read that and am asking they continue to push that envelope. How does an artist have one theme over their career, like Bowie, or U2, or Springsteen (just to name some pop/rock ones), yet somehow they can do Radio?

As other poster said, most people already group similar songs in a playlist.

As an example they could pick one playlist song at random, generate one Radio song, then pick the next seed. There are options.


Aren’t playlists and “various artists” albums basically the same? And why doesn’t Roon Radio handle playlists the same way it treats “various artists” albums?

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