Couple of Setup Optimisation Queries

I just recently got a 30 day trial of Roon and have up and running nicely, really thinking of purchasing it but I want to see what I can really get out of it first and after reading the knowledge-base I’m wondering if there is an even better way to go about things.
I’ve got some ideas but not all my questions were answered by it and I have trouble grouping all the advice into a single plan.
Hopefully that’s where you come in. :slight_smile:

I’ll explain my hardware, setup and usage first.
I have a pretty decent gaming laptop running windows, a late 2015 iMac connected to an FX Audio DAC-X6 (dac/amp) by USB and an iPhone X connected to a FiiO Q1 MkII (portable dac/amp). Always listening to headphones (Superlux HD668B).
If I’m at the computer desk I mainly use the iMac and it’s usb amp as I like the desktop software better. Obviously if I’m laying down or in another room I use the phone and portable amp. The laptop doesn’t get used for anything else so I’m dedicating it to be the core/server.

I downloaded the main roon windows software on the laptop and set it to core, the main OS X roon software for Mac and set it to control, then the iOS remote for phone.
I know this works but I don’t think it’s optimal since I’m not entirely sure how to use roon sever, bridge, or ROCK kit or what their benefits are.
Oh and 99.5% of my listening is through TIDAL.

What would be the optimum setup for my listening purposes? I don’t need a walkthrough, just a little guidance if you may.
I can get into things like extensions and HQPlayer later unless there is something essential there.

I’ve got a couple of other questions while I’m here I thought I’d keep confined within this post too.

  1. Can I remove an album/song in TIDAL I added to the library on iOS remote or Mac software? Sometimes I add an album to find shortly after there is a deluxe or master version.

  2. This is really two related points. I noticed some people have had success in setting roon up to work over the internet so can connect at other places. Could someone give me the jist of how it’s possible or point me in the right direction.
    I really wanna be able to use roon on the phone while I’m away from home cause it’s the only way I know to play full quality TIDAL masters on mobile and this is the only way I can see it working away from home wifi.

Thanks for reading,

Hi Ciaron,

A1) Yes, though Roon syncs with Tidal at the album level rather that individual tracks.

A2) Mobile Roon is on the roadmap, but no published schedule.
So for now, this is all very much DIY, no standard of service, and not supported.
Check out this recent topic for a heads up.

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So how do I remove an album on iOS? I click on the three little dots but there is no remove or edit.
I only see:
Add to a playlist
Add to tag

Click on the album then click on the 3 dots then select edit than scroll down to delete.

That’s what I’m saying, I see no edit option on iOS.

I see, that’s the iPhone running the small screen, limited functionality, version of the Roon GUI.

I forget about that version as I use an iPad Air that can run the full iOS Roon GUI.

I’ve just fired Roon up on my iPhone and see what you see … no edit album option.

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