Cover art from file works sometimes, and then doesn't

Most of my albums have custom cover art for MFSL, and other audiophile versions. Up until the latest software build, this was not an issue. Now it won’t pull some from the tag, you have to drop cover art into the album folder for it to work. Not liking the idea of having to do this for 10,000 albums.

this appears to be on the initial scan only. If I delete the albums and copy them back onto the Nucleus, they import with the correct art showing. Again, not going to do this for 10,000 titles.

additional info. This is all music that was on the nucleus already and was properly tagged. A new ipad was used with Roon app and on its initial scan, it pulled in many albums but did not extract the cover art from the tag. This is why the only way to fix is to delete and import the album again. The Roon app finds the cover in the tag this time. I think the initial scan happens to quickly and some tags are not scanned properly.

Hi @William_Thompson1,

Let’s focus on one example of this. Do you have an album that still doesn’t have the correct album cover? Can you share some screenshots?

Can you also share screenshots of Settings > Library > Import Settings?


Hi @William_Thompson1,

Would you mind sharing this album with us so we can take a look? Please zip up the entire album folder, including the artwork file, and upload them here. Thanks!