Cover Art Missteps

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A heads up - ‘Red Dust and Spanish Lace’ by Acoustic Alchemy imports ok, i.e. songs are listed correctly, the metadata is about the right group, etc., but the cover art is from ‘Death and the Flower’ by Keith Jarret.

Apart from this most of my 300+ albums imported correctly. A few could not find the cover art, but for those the music was listed and played correctly.

Now, for the topic. I used to use JRiver. Once, I spent a morning hunting down all missing cover art. JRiver has outstanding functionality for that, but be that as it may. Using JRiver, I saved the art to a holding file and also incorporated it as a tag inside the corresponding music files. Under JRiver, all my cover art and metadata, both movies and music, is as perfect as they can be, even some incredible obscure stuff bought 30 years ago with a Lechmere discount store cover. The anal retentive that co-exists inside my head is happy.

Now, for the question. I would like to point to that hard won cover art for the imports that are wrong in Roon, but I can’t figure out how to do that. Please advise.

I think Roon sounds better than JRiver. The other day, even before my Roon trial had expired, I wanted to pull the trigger on a subscription. I couldn’t find where to buy an annual subscription. The lifetime sub has a button, but not the annual. Please advise.


Roon constantly changes my cover art even when I select all and tick use file…really frustrating

Hi @xxx Thanks for letting us know about the album cover.

To add a new album cover image:

  1. Select the album.
  2. Click on the three dot button and select “Edit”.
  3. Select the “Edit Fields” tab.
  4. Scroll down to “Album Artwork”. You can add a new image from there.

Or… You can add the image file into your album folder on disc. E.g. folder.jpg, cover.jpg (I would need to confirm exactly what we pick up).

@support Please can you help Slim with converting his trial to an annual subscription?

Hi @xxx, you can purchase an annual membership from our pricing page at the link below, let me know if you have any trouble!

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