Cowboy Junkies Trinity Session

Hi, was just curious, I have 3 versions of this album. 1) The original CD, 2) a remastered CD and 3) the newest SACD release. I see that both 1) and 2) has a dynamic range of 9 per Roon, but the SACD is only a 6! Any idea why that is the case? Are we going backwards? :wink:

Could be a hotter master used for the SACD?

It’s been remastered hasn’t it? Either way it still sounds great.

Didn’t know there was a remaster of this! A fantastic album, so I’ll check it out.

There is also the Cowboy Junkies Trinity Revisited, a new recording of the same album with the same musicians in the same church. :slight_smile:

hello- all you Cowboy Junkies afficiandos(sic?)- go to a page run by michael timmins great recordings including club shows and news and more.

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