CPU spikes every 30 seconds

Thanks for the thought. On Mac, there is only a /etc/fstab.hd, and that contains text saying it’s not longer in use…

Any more thoughts? I can’t believe I’m the only one this is happening to, and maybe it just hasn’t been noticed.

Given up? Have you managed to look carefully at cpu consumption on your systems? Appreciate further comments…

Hi @Stephen_Dawson,

Apologies for the delay in responding to you here. I’m going to bring up your case again with the QA team and ask them if they can test further, but since there have not been many reports of this behavior from other users this may be something related to your setup.

A few questions which will help guide us in the right direction:

  • Have you closed all of your “onboarding bubbles”? These are the little circles that were present when you first started Roon presenting you with instructions.
  • How are your backup locations configured? Are you pointing Roon to your NAS?
  • Do you have any Roon Extensions installed?
  • Have you tried connecting the Core directly to the router via Ethernet and the behavior is the same?
  • Does the same behavior occur on a different network?
  • If you temporarily change your Roon Core to one of the Roon Remotes and do not add any local content or backup locations and just use TIDAL/Qobuz, do you still experience this issue?


I’m sorry, I missed this reply from so long ago, and only just thought to re-check. I understand why you’re asking those questions, but that’s a lot of fiddling from my end. Would you be able to run a simple test? If you have Roon running on Macs, start Activity Monitor, go to the CPU tab, and Type Roon into the search box. Look at the Roon process(es) CPU consumption, and see if you see it spike exactly every 30 seconds. Happens on either the Core machine or the Remote machine, and the spikes happen in tandem. If you don’t see it, we can progress, if you do then it’s over to you! Thanks.