Crackling sound with DSP Speaker setup/invert phase

Hi team,

Since I was suspecting an issue with phase inversion on one speaker in my set up (Wilson Benesch ACT One Evolution P1 driven by Devialet 1000 Pro), I have tried to change the phase of the right channel using Roon’s DSP (speaker set up).

After doing so, I have started to notice some isolated crackling sound occurring in both left and right tweeters on some tunes with very high and fast transients, such as some of the tracks of Musica Nuda Life at FIP (Il Cammello E il Dromedario - totally amazing performance btw). It only occurs at some very specific and repeatable moments in the song and each occurrence lasts perhaps 0.2s.

I have played the same track on another set of speakers connected to the same core with the same phase inversion configured and no issue occurs. The issue disappeared the moment I deactivated the phase inversion.

I was wondering whether someone has experienced such issues and how it could be explained?

Thank you.


DSP Speaker Setup has been buggy for months (maybe Build 530). I have warned Roon team several times that there was an issue with at least phase inversion in DSP but so far no news of a fix, which is unfortunate as SQ and DSP reliability should be #1 priority against other improvements of the app in my view.
As a workaround I modified my convolution filters in .cfg format to introduce negative gain for the channels I needed phase inversion. @vova @brian

Thank Remi, at least it’s good to know I am not crazy! :slight_smile:


I also got the same experience.

More than two years after the original post, I experience the same issue.