Create a new Roon Core and Library from Scratch pros/cons/ tips?

I’ve been using Roon for about 2 years. I have been transitioning from a dedicated stereo room , tube pre amp, hybrid amp , HDCD, Digital, vinyl, sources, electrostatic and conventional speakers and LOTS of gear to a more simple and portable system . Roon/Tidal/MQA has enabled me to enjoy my music more, manage my library and discover new music easier. So I’ve got rid of the dedicated room, equipment et all and now building around a Mytek Brooklyn DAC+, my old Oracle Turntable , a “modern” Sonos set-up with 5 zones ( so when S2 is released in June I will be able to stream in higher resolution) and KEF LS50 Wireless speakers. I now listen a lot with my Audeze LCD-XC headphones and the Mytek DAC. Because Im trying to minimize space, boxes and interconnects, I’ve recently bought an innuos zen mini (with the power box). The reason I did this is that Im currently running my Roon core off a 2011 MacBook Air ( 250 gb HD, 4 gb memory, only upgradeable to High Sierra 10.13.6 and an external Samsung 1T SSD) and my iTunes library is a MESS. lots of missing songs, albums, duplicates, triplicates of albums in low res. Ive spent 100 of hours trying to fix without success.I have the original HDCD’s and hard to find CD’s that I plan to rip in FLAC and build a new library from scratch( I’m in lockdown until at least May 15th) . I plan to use the zen mini as my new ROON core and new FLAC library. Any suggestions how to import my ROON learnings from the last two years without bringing the iTunes mess over ? Or do I just “cut my losses” and start from scratch with Roon with a clean FLAC library?