Create within Roon a switch to drop bitrate lower from Tidal

I figure this has been requested but I can’t find the actual request thread.

I am very limited in bandwidth here in the boondocks of NorCal…almost to Oregon. We have to cellphone hotspot or use very high dollar internet system from a local area high speed wireless repeater system of 101NetLink.

I love having Tidal Premium. The issue is that I can’t change the bitrate within Roon for Tidal. I have seen a few threads discussing this but they basically say call Tidal and ask them to change it. If you change your subscription via Tidal web or desktop app, it goes into effect the next billing cycle. Yes you can call them and they will change it immediately. But I don’t want to have to call Tidal. I might want to change it for a few hours and then back for whatever reason.

My question is if Roon will implement this within their ecosystem? If they can, why have they not? If they can’t do they have anything on the horizon that might allow that.

I am a Lifer x 2 so I am definitely invested in this option. It costs me right at $2.00 an hour to steam Tidal Premium. Multiply that times 4 hours a day…$8.00 x 30 days… $240.00 a month…see my issue?


Ouch…in a similar situation when I travel to my oldies place on oz and they have maximum 54gb per month with $10/GB over that…and yes it’s 4G dialup broadband.