Creating a Mono button

I know this has come up a few times before. I’ve even seen the post where Brian told us how we could set up Procedural EQ to achieve mono. I’m OK with that.

However, what I need is something one-step, the ability to push a button to turn mono on, and it should be labeled “Mono”. But going through the steps to set this up, I can’t figure out how to label it. (It’s merely “Procedural EQ”, and there can be more than one, which is confusing.) Maybe there’s a way to label these filters that I have not discovered.

Plus, if headroom reduction is required, as far as I can tell, that needs to be a separate step.

Please advise.


Save the DSP settings you’ve made for mono to a > Preset – you could call it
“1 - Mono”;
afaik Presets include all settings, not just the filters, so headroom adjustment would be included.

Save the standard DSP settings you normally use to another > Preset – you could call it
“0 - Default”.

Now you can easily switch between those two saved presets. It’s almost like a Mono button.