Creating/editing Tidal only Playlists and playlists Grouping

@support: Any updates to the playlist feature that relevant to this thread?

I’m a relatively new Roon user, and I’ve already found this lack of playlist integration a significant issue when using my mobile devices.

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Hi @James_Henson,

There is no update to this feature request that I can share at the present time. The product team and devs keep an eye on this category, so if this feature is of interest to you, please do let us know your specific use-case here. Thanks!

I think my use case is this:
Enable user to update their TIDAL playlists via ROON. For example, when I’m in ROON and I find an album or song that I like, give me the ability to add that song/album to TIDAL playlist, instead of just a ROON playlist.

AND give me the ability to play Library, Tidal or ROON playlists via the ROON client.

This is one of my biggest pain points, I have two different sets of playlists, Roon and Tidal. There already IS Tidal only playlists you just can’t edit them.

When you go to add a song to a playlist Roon only shows Roon-based playlists- it knows which are which!

I hope this gets some attention!

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Both Sonos and BluOS allow editing of Tidal playlists, so the Tidal API clearly allows it, and there is no technical reason Roon cannot do it. So it comes down to a lack of priority.

Here’s another use case for a #roon:feature-requests When listening to Roon Radio, you hear a track you like and want to add it to a playlist.

After following some magic recipe (3 buttons, ignore the “Add to playlist”, instead add Track to library, then search to find said track “in library”, then 3 buttons again and Track add to playlist) you can add the track to a Roon playlist. You then have to open Tidal and do yet another search to find the same track in Tidal and then add to Tidal playlist. All while hoping the track is still playing, or you have to then go to the queue, to get the name/artist/album info to make sure you are searching for the exact same track on Tidal

This masochism alone has turned me off recommending Roon to anyone as it’s just inexplicable for a mature application


Yes, this is very big deal for me. Really clunky to swim around in Roon, find what I want to add to a playlist, but then have to switch to Tidal, look it up there, add it to a Tidal playlist. Repeat. Is there at least some way to export Roon’s playlist to some playlist format to then import into Tidal? One more point: I’ve had alot of success with Soundiiz getting my paid Tidal list sync’d to a Spotify list which I can then share out with friends who have a paid Spotify subscription. This is also how I moved a dozen years of Rhapsody/Napster playlists from that paid service over to Tidal because Tidal integrated with Roon. Anyway, there must be some way to make sharing into or out of the Roon playlists possible. Thanks for any help.


Good morning
Any news regarding the issue between Tidal and Roon playlists?


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Hello. Still nothing. Really disappointing.


Why do you do this, so that it is both in your library AND on a playlist? It’s not technically needed although I can see why you might.

I’m very (a little more indeed…) disappointed that after almost 3 yers after this post nothing changed in playlists and I’m not talking about details or strange requests but about a key feature for a music software like Roon that need a lot of improvements.
In addition we had only a few words from developers without any specific description of the improvements and a undetermined timeline. As I said before you cannot say that you have a complete integration with a streaming service if you haven’t a proper playlist integration.
I hope that we would see changes in Roon in the next major release but however I would like to hear some words from the team about this: do you think that Roon playlist management is good enough for Roon and at the same level of another great streaming services integration features that Roon has?


It’s a weird quirk resulting from Roon’s flawed Tidal integration. There appears to be two types of references toTidal songs - one that’s part of your library and one that’s not. Both of these reference types can be added independently to a Roon playlist - even if they both point to the exact same Tidal song. A library reference will track play counts and heart tags. The non library reference will not.

If a Tidal song (not on your library) is playing on Roon radio, then “add to playlist” adds the non library reference. OK - once you know this, you might be tempted to “first” add the song to your library, and “then” add it to a playlist, however that is also wrong, because Roon radio is still playing the non library reference which is what will get added to the playlist. So you have to “first” add the song to the library, then “search” for the song, then find it in your library, and then add the library reference to a playlist!

All this could be avoided if Roon simply said “Add to Playlist” implies “Add to library” and performed both functions. This would simplify the user interface and also make this consistent with only library references in playlists with consistent functionality (play counts, hearts etc)


I’m tracking and agree!

I source playlists from all over and have thousands of playlist entries that are not songs in my library… no favs and no play counts!

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Actually i take that back… Play Counts does happen on songs not in your library, but Favorite-ing does not.

Any news about this?

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OMG, this major question was already on the table three years ago and this craziness is still going on… And I am new here and was foolish enough to think that Roon might tackle this issue. At least as far as the library/non-library conundrum is concerned: Solve the library/non-library conundrum and all the complexities it creates for tagging, focus, playlists etc


I’ve been testing Roon for a few months and loving it, but have two major usability problems with it. One is lack of mobile download/caching, and the other is the completely broken management of playlists and mentioned here (and I need to sync playlists back to Tidal because lack of mobile download/caching means I can only listen to Tidal while on the go).

I’ve got to say I’m very worried about investing more time (and money) into a platform that has had two such significant flaws existing for >4yrs and with neither being obviously looked at :cry:


I have Audirvana Studio, and there you easily can add music to your playlists. Still not possible in Roon!

Yeah Plex does it perfectly too.

This is exactly the problem I’m having as well.

I don’t have much hope at this point. You can export playlists to Soundiiz, that is a good work around but very manual.