Creating extended Metadata that Roon recognizes - best program/method?

I’ve noticed for some music the Roon in-built metadata provides extensive details on composers, engineers etc, basically everyone involved in the making of the album. However some don’t, and I’m prepared to put the effort in to create this “missing” data, however I’m new to this thing, so whats the process in creating my own metadata that can be read/imported into Roon? Any links to tutorials or programs etc appreciated.

What operating system do you use? May help with recommendations.

Or try the forum search a little, you might find some input is already available. :wink:

You jumped into the deep end of the pool. Roon has commented on user-based editing services elsewhere. They’ve said it is a major undertaking just to enable such an enterprise. And, it’s unlikely to be a money-making venture. Hard to justify.

As for providing your own metadata, file tags provide a vehicle for storing your stuff. And Roon can provide access to pdf files and graphics that can be used as well.

What Roon won’t do is allow you to customize your display to show metadata.