Creating the optimal PC Remote (Sooloos like)

I am a long time Sooloos user who made the switch a little while ago and built myself a ROCK core using a NUC.

In addition to the iOS apps, my most frequent control of the system is with a dedicated all in one Windows PC I have in my listening room. I’m trying to replicate as closely as possible the experience I used to have with the Sooloos Control.

I’m obviously running the Roon software On the PC and I’ve done some little tweaks like making the main on and off switch put the computer to sleep not turn it off

One of the small but annoying issues is that when the computer re-wakes, the connection with the core is always lost and takes a bit to reconnect. This of course never happened with the Sooloos control, when you turned it on it immediately came to where you left off.

Anyone have any recommendations on how to make this work smoother? Also, any other recommendations to optimize the PC settings to best suit what I’m trying to do since the PC is dedicated and not used for anything else?

Any helpful tips greatly appreciated!

I had (still do but don’t use it) a Meridian C15 so I have an idea of what you’re looking for.

For PC option, if you don’t mind have it running all the time (like Sooloos did), disable all the power saving features in Windows apart from switching of the screen. This should give you a fast response when it “wakes up” when the screen is tapped, assuming it has a touchscreen, or the mouse is wiggled.

Alternatively, consider a large format iPad on a suitable stand that fits with your aesthetic.

IIRC iPadOS can be configured to run a solo application (Roon) that prevents access to the other feature and applications.

I need to Google to find out what it’s called, will post an update when I find it.

Most likely because the network adapter is allowed to save power. The main configuration option is usually found in the network adapter’s driver settings. If power saving is allowed, there may be settings showing-up in the main OS’s power saving options but these mostly allow only some control about when and how much the network adapter is allowed to save (reduce speed or turn off completely). Main option is usually in the one in it’s driver settings. Most server and server like applications (like Roon) require the network adapter power saving options to be turned off (no power saving allowed).

With that taken care of, I would leave other power saving options of the system OS on default (or as they are) first and see how things go, only looking for tweaking options if there is a need to. This can go in either direction (save more - save less) depending on the specific use case/needs and using application behavior as feedback.
Generally it’s best to change just one setting at a time and then test. This makes it easier to identify an incompatible setting and revert the change.

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I was a Sooloos user for nearly 10 years [started with twinstores!] and am now on Roon [with a nucleus plus core]. I use a Vaio PC, a couple of Macs and an iPad depending on where I am to control. Connection is always instantaneous. As to the PC specifically, I leave it running all the time and just turn off the screen when I’m not using it.