Credit Roles Consideration Requests

I thought it might not be a terrible idea to have a thread for submitting credit roles for consideration in future releases. Admins, please feel free to nix if you hate it.

At any rate:

tea kettle

I probably have not had my proper amount of coffee this morning, but, I am not sure what you mean. Do you mean, for example, a place to report a Producer or Player credit missing in a track’s credit list?

Thanks for the inquiry.

No, I’m referring to items to potentially be added to the list of credit roles here that Roon maps to Composer, Conductor, Ensemble, Main Performer, Performer, and Production from the local Personnel tag.

What’s missing? Seriously. :slight_smile:

Other than cowbell, I can’t seem to think of any.

Cowbell’s already there (as is Orgel :blush:). We could probably do with a re-sort of the list in the KB, though. There are currently at least three alpha sequences (and then I got tired of scrolling).

Highly educational, if somewhat dry.

Well, that’s the point of the thread. Obviously, the list is pretty comprehensive as is, but I’m sure people will identify additional instruments over time. So far, I’ve got:

  • tea kettle
  • dry ice
  • bock-a-da-bock
  • lummi sticks
  • octobans
  • jhallari/gethuvadyam
  • crwth
  • gameleste

If Roon determines that the existing list is as comprehensive as they care to get, fair enough.

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I think that roles are not comprehensive.
And i don’t really understand why there should be any restriction to roles:
if I think that roon metadata are incomplete for one album/track, why cannot i add some PERSONNEL tag with whatever I want?

For examples, many many albums report some fancy tags. I’ll just make an example, frank zappa:

i guess that “Yak and black lace underwear” and “mumbled weirdness” are missing in roon list (didn’t check though… :slight_smile: ).
and I really think this is part of the ALBUM EXPERIENCE which is the main promise of Roon project.

I can understand that roon metadata do not report these things. but I would like the possibility to add them.

I can add to this, we had a recent private gig and I could not credit the musician with playing my Cigar box guitar. I had to put Electric Slide Guitar as the closes option

These are real instruments played professionally and it would be nice to have an option.

so… no answer from the @staff. @joel?

I add some missing intruments in the roles list:


Portuguese guitar


Tjurunga (or Churinga)




Roland MC-4 Microcomposer



New violin octet

the treble violin is missing, and mezzo violin, small bass violin.





positive organ

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Hey @Niccolo_Terzi,

We appreciate the feedback here. We currently have a ticket open with the team to investigate what we can do better here. I don’t have an specifics or timeframes that I can provide, but it is something we would like to make better in the future, and we will take the feedback in this thread into consideration as we look into making changes.


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hey @dylan
i’ll give my suggestions:
-in the roles there are equivalent entries (like “sax (tenor)” and “tenor saxophone”). the problem is that often … the credits in an album are doubled, especially in the case when there are file tags credits and roon metadata overlapping. there should be an algorithm that recognize these doubles, and display only one…
-i appreciate the list of roles. but i don’t see the point in limiting it. i would appreciate the possibility of be free to tag my files as i like. in this case, exactly as for genres, there could be a sort of role mapping, or merging. so, i can merge “sax (tenor)” and “tenor saxophone” (coming from roon) and for example “tenor sax” coming from my files tags, expressing a preference. i think this would be very in roon spirit

i have added more missing instruments

i add some more missing instruments

Rotta (Crwth)

Buisine (Buccina)

Bass (Vocal)
note in fact that all other vocal roles are in this form (soprano (vocal) and so on).

Thanks, everyone. I’ve combed through this thread and extracted many additions that we will put in the data model. If you find other instruments that we are missing, please let us know here and we’ll try to keep up with it.

The general criteria is something like “is it an instrument and is it common enough that it won’t just appear on the albums of 1 artist”. So I am not very concerned about “Yak and black lace underwear” which is more of a literary piece of art than a credit role that we should be managing by hand in our classification system, but there are also many legitimate instruments missing that were noted above, and those will be added.

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Actually Brian, “Yak” is an instrument, and “black lace underwear” is an instrument. Two entries, please. :slight_smile:

“Chorus Director” is something I see a lot on large vocal music. A kind of conductor.

Crwth - good scrabble word !

@brian i’m not sure that i agree with you.
if you consider what roon’s “mission” is supposed to be (have a look at the website), i think that having some kind of “piece of art” instead of a standard list is one of the puposes.

so, my point is: why a closed list?
could we not have a mechanism similar to the genres?
in genres, i can tag however i like my files.
than roon can take care of them, and if i like it can map them in fixed roon genres hierarchy. but if i don’t like, i can still prefer a specific genre not present in the list.

that said, it would be helpfull to be able to map credit roles: even in your list, there are many doubles, like “sax (soprano)” and “soprano saxophone”, and it would be great to merge/map them in one (chosen by the user).
i could decide to save “Yak and black lace underwear”, or map it in something else.

i don’t see your point in avoiding a credit role that would just appear in 1 album. and then? who cares? that album is unique for that reason, too.
besides, let’s consider one point: in roon there’s no way to search anything by roles (i cannot look for duduk and find all albums with a duduk player…).

(as an aside: let’s say than in roon you cannot even browse by performer…)

and let’s consider one final point:
even though a role is not in roon’s list… it is scanned in the files. that means that it is not showed, but it’s there in the file tags section of the track.
that means that (i guess) showing it is not going to make the library larger. it’s a piece of information already there.