Credits :,Is there a better way than this?

While Roon is great at finding most cds ,Some Lps arent in their database ,Which Mean your Unidentified
Lp has no credits ,While I been adding these credits in my Metadata at the end of song titles in the Original

I been adding them to the only place in Roon that I know about ,and that is the Primary Artists Links
While It works ,I noticed that this info is fine if you use the same harddrive ,but when I switched to another
this data is lost ,while everything else is not lost
while we wait till the much needed Credits feature to comes out is there a better way to do this on roon?

You can add credits here

The problem I have is you can only add one instrument or role to a credit at a time. Some players have many roles and being able to add these in one event would be helpful.


Looking at the example image I think I would have gone down the Various Artists route and then added the Primary Artist(s) at track level.

Can you explain more about switching hard disks. It’s not clear what you are doing. Roon keeps the Meta data in its database and this should relate to a single library (albeit media files can use more than one physical location on your computer or network.)

Thanks ,But Having something hidden behind a tab,isn’t ideal ,but better than nothing

might have been because I didn’t go the back up route on second HD ,just plugged it in