Credits persist after deletion

On more than a few occasions I have edited the credits on both albums and tracks only to find credits I delete persist, even when they don’t show up on the album or track editing pages. Case in point: Miles Davis Birth of the Cool. Since this is a compilation, I split the release into three “albums”, one for each of the nonet sessions recorded between January 1949 and March of 1950. (I also have two versions of each session: a needle drop from an original mono pressing and the CD reissue.) Annoyingly, the credits include people (such as Lee Konitz) three times (Alto Sax, Guest Artist, and Main Personnel). I delete the Guest Artist and Main Personnel credits from both versions of an album via bulk editing. They are not present in the track credits. But the Guest Artist credits for all the musicians persist. I appreciate any help. Thanks.

P.S. While I’m here, a “select all” check box in the credit editing windows would be a welcome improvement to the UI. :wink:

Jamie, Roon is based upon an album architecture. I think this is because many of their metadata sources are also album based.

If you start creating pseudo albums, you will be asking Roon to behave differently from its origins. So my general advice is to stick with the original album structure, and use tags and/or genres to give you the search capability you want.

The ultimate fix for the persisting credits is to delete the album(s), taking care to have a copy of the album offline; use Settings/Library/Library maintenance to scrub all reference to the album; then reimport.

Good luck.

Thanks for the reply. Interesting. I assumed I was leveraging Roon’s album orientation. By taking a portion of an album and having Roon identify it as the album in question, I assumed I was simply making an additional version of that album, albeit one missing some tracks. I’m curious: How is what I’m doing any different from having multiple versions of an album?