Credits Question

Why does roon not copy credits from one cd to another ,for example if one of my Coleman Hawkins lps has one or two tracks from Coleman Hawkins and His All-Star Jam Band, and I entered the musicians who played
in that group, in the credit tab of that cd ,Why when I go to another Coleman Hawkins cd with songs from that group doesn’t Roon know the credits for the same song with the same group? Do I have to re-enter that info ? It should know that from when I entered it already
Can this be done? sure would help

I think, and maybe wrong, that the credits are attached to the album. So, even if you have the same song/same recording but it is on a different album, the meta-data would have to be entered again.

However, we might ask @mike if he can shed more light on this.

Its not in the meta data ,its only in roon

Metadata is not just confined to file tags, Roon also has its own metadata database.

The danger of course of just cloning band members across albums is that band lineups ebb and flow over time.

Hey @Peter_Neski – can you post some screenshots showing what credits you’ve added, and where you’re expecting to see them but are not?

I think seeing the albums and credits in question will help us give you a definitive answer. Thanks!

Heres the Lp

Heres the credits I added for one of the tracks:

Heres another Lp with the same group,same Track

I have this Tune on a few more Lps ,but it only has credit on the first one

One feature I hope you are working on ,is a button that let one copy and paste settings for one song If having roon do this automatically might not work,This would the secondd best choice ,If I typed out a long list of
credits for one song ,on one lp,There should be a way to copy that list and paste it to another song on another lp
with the same songs and group