Credits repeated at movement level instead of being "rolled-up" to work level

In the past roon would always “roll-up” the display credits to the highest level of a multi-level composition. This doesn’t seem to happen anymore. In this example of a Tchaikovsky sextet, roon is repeating the credits for each movement instead of displaying the credits one time only at the level of the work. I find similar things happen in many other scenarios where it didn’t work this way in the past. I am not sure in which version this behaviour crept in but I am cetainly more aware of it in 1.6.

Not sure if that’s important but: what credit roles have those artists? And do the roles differ from track to track?

I had a short look and still see “rolled-up” credits in my (local only) library.

It’s just an example. I see it all the time with different combinations of credit roles. But in this case I double checked. Turns out the first movement was a concatonated artist with comma delimiters instead of semi-colon delimiters. So roon interpreted the artist(s) for movement 1 as different to the artists for the other 3 movements. This made it look like it was repeating the same artists for all 4 movements.

I changed all delimiters to a colon and roon rolled up the artists as expected. I guess the reason I am seeing this on a semi-regular basis is the inconsistency of meta-data affecting roon’s rules processing. This thread can be closed but this hint might help others in similar circumstances.

If you’ve got good eyesight, the giveaway is that the commas between composers are a different colour in your first movement. Easier to see on a black screen.

Long time since I was able to see that. But thanks for the hint. May help younger eyes than mine :ghost:.