Crestron and zone grouping

Wondering how things are going with incorporating zone grouping into the crestron module. This is the whoel reason I bought a nucleus plus and I didn’t realise that I could not yet add and remove endpoints from groups from the crestron side.

Also useful would be the transfer to another zone but the ability to group zones is so needed.

Hello @Aguy,

Thanks for contacting us regarding this request. Zone grouping from within Crestron is something we hope to add in a future release but I cannot comment on a timeline of when this addition will occur. For now, you can group the zones from within Roon and control them in that way.


Thanks for the reply @noris. I am rather disappointed that this isn’t in the crestron driver. It was basically the whole reason that I bought a nucleus isn’t of using my own core because I wanted to fully incorporate control into my crestron touch panels.

As it is at the moment I won’t be using roon because of this and I’ve sadly wasted my money on the nucleus.

I look forward to the feature being added when it does. And in the meantime if I can find a way to program it myself by reverse engineering the api then I will have to do that. Unlesss I am able to have a copy of the api for grouping which would of course make the coding easier.

Appreciate the feedback here @Aguy.

We’ve heard this request from a few people over the last few months, and while we can’t make any guarantees about us making a change here, I am hopefully we can add this functionality next year.


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Thanks @mike

+1 for wanting this Crestron feature.