Crestron Build 8 Issues

Build 8 Module does not work newest release of Version 1.0 (build 9).

Please advise if any update being released to solve issue.

Rob Cap

Hi @Raymond_Benza,

I split your post over to it’s own thread so we can take a closer look. Where are you seeing version 1.0 (build 9) from? Is this the Nucleus Operating System? I ask because the latest Nucleus OS we have is build 174, and the latest Crestron release is build 8, so you might be a bit out of date here.

What exactly on the Crestron side is not working, does the extension show up in a Roon Remote under Roon Settings -> Extensions? Have you paired the module and have configured the zones prior to switching over to the Crestron side of things? I just tried the latest build 8 on my end and it’s working as expected.


Have paired and rebooted as per documentation, in our office and at another job site.

See version of Roon from the web browser on the Nucleus below:

Roon Labs Software


Version 1.0 (build 9) stable.

Running 7 days, 18 hours, 16 minutes, 57 seconds.

I had it working in our office in March when using Crestron build 7, and Roon Version 1 (Build 7).
Will go through steps again in order to get current versions to work.

Hi @Raymond_Benza,

Can you please share a screenshot of your Nucleus WebUi page? You can share screenshots on Community by using these instructions.

I am not sure where you are getting this Version 1.0 (build 9) from, the latest Roon Software version that we have (at the time of writing) is Version 1.6 (build 401) so I’d like to clarify this further.

– Noris

Hi @Raymond_Benza,

I am inquiring with the tech team as to if the build 9 Roon Software Version you have could cause this issue, but until I hear back from them can you please try this re-authorization procedure for your Nucleus + Crestron Module?

* Update Nucleus and Roon Remotes to the newest Roon version
* Unauthorize any existing Crestron extension in Roon Settings -> Extensions -> View
* Add the Nucleus' IP address in the Crestron module RoonSystemModule symbol
* Compile and upload the module to the processor
* Reboot the Nucleus from the WebUI or power button
* Enable/Pair the new module in Roon Settings -> Extensions
* Configure the new module in Roon Settings -> Extensions
* Reboot the Nucleus again after the module is paired

– Noris