Crestron integration

(Bianchi Vittorio) #1

We have this problem with Crestron
ERROR (183)
Unable to move signal S-7_CRPC from old symbol S-10 to replacement symbol

When we change the Crestron processor we get the error attached, (moving from example from an RMC3 to a CP3) and the smart object used as media player stops working.

Thanks for your support

(matt wetzel) #2


How is the module used to access all three streams from a single Nucleus. ? Is this as simple as dropping (3) modules into the Simpl program?


(Brian Luczkiewicz) #3

Yup. You’re going to have one “Roon System” module (that corresponds to the Nucleus), and then one “Roon Device” module for each zone.

(Mike) #4

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