Crestron Module- Album Covers

Can the Crestron module be setup so that from a touch panel can the client search by album cover being displayed only? What are the limitations of the Crestron module compared to using the phone app or computer software

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Hi @DavidSage,

Apologies for the delay here, it appears that this issue was auto-closed so I have gone ahead and re-opened it.

I am not sure what you are referring to by “search by album cover being displayed only”, but you can read more regarding our Crestron module and find the download link in the Module KB Page, this page also contains a few screenshots of how the module looks like on touchpanels.

Any search you perform will follow the same hierarchy-type listing for results, here is another example of how searches are made when using the module:

Hope this answers your questions.

I was hoping this module could display the album cover art like the Roon webgui software or the app does. This way the client can browse on his Xpanel or Crestron App on his devices to see the cover art and then choose that album to play. It appears then the module is limited in searching by this feature. Would be nice if it was ever added.

Hi @DavidSage,

Thank you for the feedback here. I can’t comment on any changes that the Crestron module will have in the future, but your suggestions are appreciated.