Crestron Roon Extension wont survive Roon Reboot

Running Roon 1.8 943. I can sucessfully pait Crestron to Roon, however after any reboot of the Roon device the extension on crestron is no longer discovered.

When in a working state I can reboot the Crestron, and it will rediscover just fine.

When in a failed state, if I reboot the crestron it stays failed.

Running Crestron 1.0 build 10, however within the Roon, it reports at 8

Hi @Michael_Flink ,

We are not able to reproduce this issue in the lab, are there any additional details you can provide? What kind of Crestron processor and Roon Core are you using? What is the firmware version of the processor?

Thanks for the report on this, we can confirm seeing the same. I’ll get a ticket open regarding this.