Crestron + Roon, Interface switching between mulitple users?



We have received a customer enquiry regarding integrating Roon into an existing Crestron enabled home.
The customer has a Tidal family account with 3 x users.

From my understanding Roon can only be used with one Tidal account so I’m guessing they’d just need to share one Tidal account and then create multiple users within Roon to allow them to have individual libraries/playlists etc…?

But… will they be able to switch users from the Crestron interface?
Or is there a better way of managing this scenario perhaps?


Hi @James_Watters,

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Yes, this is correct. You are limited to just one TIDAL account per Core, so the customer will have to have one TIDAL account linked with all of their playlists and this is the best way to manage this scenario.

Yes, they can switch Roon profiles from the Crestron interface like so:

Note: This will switch the user’s profile and any Roon created playlists associated with that profile will be visible, but TIDAL created playlists will be visible in the playlist menu regardless of which Roon profile is in use. More information regarding profiles can be found here.




Thanks very much for the response, very helpful!

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