Critic Review On/Off Switch

I find the album reviews intrusive in what should be a private music collection. Biographies, or info on the recording of particular albums are welcome additions, but not everybody wants to see some inane review by some clueless, so-called “music reviewer”. If I want to read critiques of my collection I will seek them out. Reviews are something that may be of interest to people before they purchase something, but certainly not afterwards. At-any-rate, the option to turn them off would be much appreciated.


I f it is the now playing screens you mean, If you click the three dots menu on now playing you can choose which if the screens to see and in which order. So you can switch it off or move it down the order.
I’m away from home so can’t post a screenshot but it is shown in the release notes.

If it is the review under each album then I don’t think that can be switched off.

You might raise it as a Feature Request?

Here is a screenshot

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