Criticism on direction of Roon

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Or Hell’s Grannies…


Now there’s a thought

Mike, In your earlier post you said you “I still cannot understand the obsession with Roon Mobile,” so I explained to you why people want it. I’m certainly not preventing you from expressing your opinion, but I’m hoping you can at least understand that the many voices calling for mobile also have valid opinions.

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However, those “many” actually might not agree on what mobile means. In my user meetings for over a year and a half, there have been many discussions on what the potential mobile solution might be. And, unsurprisingly, not everyone agrees on what they want from a mobile solution, both in terms of functionality and/or implementation.

I worry that too much time has past, that expectations are high, and at the same time willingness of the user base to accept a v1.0 mobile solution is low. I would hate to see a mobile solution roll-out, and the user base go “Well, that is not what I want” and begin complaining about it.


So, you feel we should not have mobile support because users are not in universal agreement about it and you are worried about complaints? How is that different from every new feature released in the last few years by Roon? If a company has these kinds of fears, then innovation is impossible.


This is inevitable. There is no way to please everyone.


@philr When data travels through the air as quickly, securely and reliably as it does through fiber, it will be a mature solution. Otherwise, customer complaints will only increase.

That’s why roon uses a buffer… it’s not like streaming live TV or a zoom meeting.

Only thing that could be slow is accessing library, artwork etc but once you start streaming music it shouldn’t be a problem.

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Great post. Particularly the third part. You don’t have to veer off the mainstream music highway very much before there’s no info on artists at all. Nor media.

Roon needs to shut down all other development right now and direct all funds to building the perfect interconnected metadata and media universe of music the world has ever seen. Therein lies its real promise, forget all the rest. Except streaming :wink:

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I will not agree with all yout negative comments, but I confirm : ROON can get much better !
Apart from a mobile version of Roon, what I miss the most is a simple direct access to the Folders in which I store my music on my NAS, the origin of my music library (in addition to Qobuz). Why do I miss this? Simply because, when I search for a recording in my library, ROON does not always find it because it has not always been identified by ROON! And I have hundreds and hundreds of albums in this case. Very difficult to find them without the folder function. ROON, please make us a Folders function!

Roon search does not need an album to be identified to find it with the Search function. The album does need to be identified otherwise though with appropriate metadata and be filed correctly in artist/album_name/track_name format to give Roon something to work with.

You can set up a Focus view on your watched folders if you really need to.

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  • My Roon core is a four-year-old i5 notebook with 8gb of ram and a small SSD drive. My library is on an external HD. Works just fine, even with DSP enabled.
  • I see no evidence Roon wants to be a hardware company.
  • I don’t care about Roon mobile.
  • I don’t care about Sirius because it’s not available where I live.
  • While Apple Music integration would be useful, I’m fine with my Tidal and Qobuz accounts.
  • I use iOS devices as remotes and they work fine.

So I guess I’m ok?


I honestly just want it to work. Since 1.8 i have to go to my office each day unplug and replug in the Nucleus (or find something pokey to press the power button. Go do some chores while it boots up. And then there is a 75% chance I get a few hours.

On a good day I think to do this before I want to listen to music.

My Sonos just works. My turntable just works. The NODE in my office just works.


Roon have stated unequivocally that this function will never be added.

You should follow up with Roon support. This is aberrant Nucleus behavior.

Please, please don’t get this started again. :grimacing:


Of all the features you mention, richer media would be one that would interest me.

If they were putting their efforts into integrating siriusXm and apple music, I would probably have the reaction you are conveying, would be wrong direction to me.

I suppose this is why they have features request, to figure out where to invest their limited resources to please the greatest number of users.

I just like that it is library based as opposed to primarily playlist based like most services, though certainly not perfectly so.

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FWIW, I’m happy with Roon performance - following up on @Toolio’s post because most of the points made there are also true for me. I run much older hardware though, without any trouble:

My library is on a separate QNAP NAS that is almost as old as the Mac Mini. It’s not huge compared to some collections, at around 20k tracks. I also use Qobuz and Tidal via Roon, and searches are usually fast - if there are delays on occasion, it always seems to be due to the external services being queried.

I do remember that once or twice I restarted the Roon server software (through VNC - it’s in a back room) on the Mac because the frontend felt a bit sluggish. Of course this doesn’t necessarily make sense from a technical point of view, and I can’t say whether it made a big difference at the time. Any such issue always went away soon and I never had to investigate further.

Oh, and the Mac runs DSP without trouble. I use a Convolution filter for my main system and I ran numerous tests when I first set it up. The Mac shows CPU load of up to 40% when music is playing to that zone, which doesn’t bother me.

Now, these were all user observations. From a software development point of view, I’d like to point out to all those who mention memory allocation issues: this is not really how it works. Yes, that’s a simplistic statement and I apologize for it, but my point is that it is really difficult to measure actual memory consumption in running applications (even more so from the outside!), or to draw conclusions about their possible causes. Unfortunately the simple observation that a system seems to use all or most of its memory doesn’t mean much at all, or at the very least we would need many other details to begin to analyze things on that basis.

Which brings me to the one issue I have personally seen with Roon: it doesn’t seem easy to get their developers or support staff involved in conversations, in this forum or elsewhere. One issue I had a while back was about startup behavior of the iOS apps, and while this was resolved for me after a while, interaction was minimal on the Roon side. I personally place high value on quality of support, and while I appreciate that good support is costly, I do wish the company was “better” in this department. I also realize that this statement is hardly more valuable than “it used all my memory”, but I thought I’d say it anyway :slight_smile:


It has also been said sooooo many times , the limitation is not the desire of Roon to integrate Apple Music that is at question they have said they will.

What is at question is the access to Apple’s infrastructure to enable the “Roon Rich” interface ala Tidal/Qobuz

Roon have already said they can’t proceed without access and Apple will not play ball . I am sure Roon are still keeping this in focus just in case

Subject Closed unfortunately, Another one not to start up again (said he having just done it !!)

There is no need to go deeper into any Apple Music discussion’s here as this is covered in depth in plenty of other threads.
Just search and add your musings to those threads I think is the best action.