Crossfading per track

Hi guys, first time here, so sorry if I ask a stupid question :slight_smile:
I love crossfading between songs. I love it when the transition is so smooth.
But when you’re playing a live album for instance (like Bruce Springsteen - Live in Dublin) and you have crossfading set up, it sounds so stupid. You have the same with The Wall from Pink Floyd and so on. It sounds so bad you really have to turn of crossfading. But then…well you have to turn it on again when playing “normal” songs. Isn’t it possible to create an option in each track to overwrite the crossfading settings or simply disable it temporarily…

Hi @JST1963,

No, that’s not possible. Currently the crossfading option is only per zone, so I’ve moved your topic over to #roon:feature-requests section of the forum.

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Carl are you saying that if you are setup with multiple zones playing the same that crossfading does not work?


No, I’m saying that it is enabled / disabled on a per zone basis.

When zones are grouped I believe the setting is inherited from first zone selected, but I’ve not tried it.

Give it a whirl…

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Hi guys,

Any news about this? Is there somewhere a page where we can view which requests are accepted as new features?


Nope … that’s not how Roon roll, they read all what is posted in here, but very rarely comment.

OK, so all I have to do is say some prayers, light some candles and hope my requests are approved by the almighty Roon council?


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