Crossfeed Filter - Jan Meier vs. Chu Moy?

I’m looking for opinions - which crossfeed filter is better? Jan Meier vs. Chu Moy and what are the differences?

We had a good discussion about this some time back

These are software implementations of headphone amplifier circuits. If you want to truly understand what they are doing, and their differences, you need to go research the circuit that they are emulating.

As far as “what is better” it’s whatever one sounds better to you. There is no right answer as everyone hears soundstage in headphones, and even from headphone to headphone, a little differently and that’s why multiple filters exist. Just listen and decide.

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Personally I dont get on with crossfeed, tried it in Roon and via my DAC as it has its own crossfeed filters. I find it takes the shine of things and made it all a bit dull. But as ready said it’s a highly personal thing and what works for one on a specific amp/ headphone combo might not on another or even a different combo and same person.

Thanks for the replies so far. On headphones I typically like crossfeed because:

In addition to crossfeed Roon also allows one to use convolution filters for headphones. There are lots of threads and posts about convolution filters here on the Roon Community. Just do a search, download the filters and give them a try. Who knows you might even like using them. :grin: