CUDA optimisation

I can run the xtr filter (non 2s) upsampling to DSD 256 with CUDA disabled and multi-core enabled. It runs the 4 cores on a 7700 i7 at about 60%. But when I enable CUDA the GPU (GTX 970) maxes out at 90% plus and the audio stream breaks up.

Is there any setting in HQP or Windows 10 that I can use to optimise the handoff to CUDA so that the GPU isn’t overloaded, but just assists the CPU to the extent it is able ?

Only to the extent allowed by the CUDA offload checkbox in HQPlayer settings. The offload is anyway partial, but if the GPU is slower than the CPU, it will just affect negatively…

@jussi_laako if a GTX970 isn’t working well then perhaps bothering to work on a GTX660 is not even worth considering?

It depends on performance ratio between CPU and GPU. If you have fast CPU but slow GPU, the GPU will be the limiting factor. And vice versa is CPU is slow but GPU is fast.

This is actually not much different from how things are with games too. As rough rule of thumb, don’t buy GPU cheaper than the CPU.

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