CUE files on Lumin U1 Mini

Is there a chance for a cue file for FLAC image of a record to play in Lumin U1 mini?
I know it’s not supported in Roon, but what about the Lumin device itself from USB disk.
SoTM can play such files.

Is dividing to multiple flac files the only option?

Lumin app does not support CUE either.

You can try JRiver and see if CUE works in your setup or not.

In JRiver - Tools / Options / Media Network / Add or Configure DLNA Server, add 24-bit Audiophile DAC. Turn on the option for Bitstream DSD (DoPE).

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I’m not using JRiver. Only straight HDD to Lumin, controlled by Lumin app.
No computer connected. Not anymore :slight_smile: