Curious why Roon would lock this topic? Because they don't like the feedback they're getting?

I’m noticing the iOS very sluggish these days on my iPhone and iPad as well.

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@jamie I’ve been following this thread because both my iPhone and iPad seem to be sluggish and/or crash a lot more lately and been hoping to maybe get some answers, instead you decide to lockup the thread?

If you need support, I suggest you open a new thread in the #support category.

There are multiple threads on this issue and Roon seems to ignore all or most of them.

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Hi @anon94274355,

I’d be happy to answer your question. The OP of that thread was encouraged to submit a support thread and provide more details about their setup so we can take a closer look.
I set a topic timer on the the thread to give the OP time to ask additional questions, if necessary. Without more information regarding their problem there’s not much more we can do.

In general, these threads become pretty dichotomous. One side says ‘the app is terrible and never works for me’. The other says ‘everything is fine for me on iOS, no problems here’

It just becomes a back and forth. That’s not necessarily helpful to anyone. Because the app works well for most of our users, the person having problems can feel like they’re in the minority. We don’t want that because it can influence people not to speak up when they have an issue.

We acknowledge that there are folks who have trouble with the Remote app on iOS. We’re not ignoring them. You’ll notice that iOS fixes and performance improvements are frequently mentioned in our new release notes. Where we find problems, we fix them.

The best way for us to do that is by reporting your issue in Support, so we can help out. If you’re having an issue please let us know over there, we’ll happily investigate. :+1:

Nice profile picture, by the way. Frank Zappa was a genius in my opinion. That version of Directly from My Heart to You on Weasels Ripped My Flesh smokes. Sugar Cane really lays it on there! :fist:


Hi @jamie,

Thanks for your comments. Much appreciated :beers:

I am one of those affected by issues with the remotes running on iOS. Whilst I can appreciate other may be unaffected, I do wonder why some of us are and what could cause these? Any suspicions?

If it helps, I can elaborate on my setup:

  • No local library. Only streaming Qobuz and Tidal.
  • One remote on an iPhone 13 Pro. The scrolling on this is painful and I tend to use it very rarely because of this. Reported already.
  • One remote on an iPad Pro 2021. Was fine until the latest build and now crashes constantly. Reported already.
  • One remote on a MacBook Pro 2017. This runs great!
  • ROCK running on a NUC 8i3BEH (wired to 150Mb fibre connection router) configured as per screen grab below.


Thanks @jamie for your reply and don’t take this the wrong way, but forum members are way more helpful than Roon support these days to help troubleshoot which Is why I followed that thread to hopefully get suggestions as to why my iPhone and iPad are both painfully slow with the Roon logo doing it’s thing constantly and/or the apps crashing multiple times a day.

There are 1 or 2 other threads regarding this and not one member of Roon support has entered either of these threads and you ignored this one you just closed. 4 days without anyone posting is a very short time and not even true as there was a post the day before you closed it.

No hard feelings at all @anon94274355. If you’re able to get help from other forum members that’s great! That’s what Community is supposed to be all about, getting help!

If you have links to the threads you mentioned above we’d be happy to jump in. We’re always fielding requests but we try to get to everyone as quickly as we can. I weighed in on the thread you mentioned and encouraged the OP to submit a support request. It’s true that there were other posts in the thread prior to the closing, but nothing more from the OP.

@anon94274355, I see that you posted in RBO’s thread. I’m going to separate it out to it’s own so we can focus just on your issue. :+1:

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