Custom albums in Roon

I have a more complex issue, merging the albums works but what when i want to make a SET of four compilations?
E.g. Wagners “Ring Des Nibelungen - Solti, Vienna Philharmonic” has four compilations :

1.) Das Rheingold (2 CD’s)
2.) Die Walküre (4 CD’s)
3.) Siegfried (4 CD’s)
4.) Götterdämmerung (4 CD’s)

I do not want to make it like CD1-14 / CD14-14 but as album “Das Rheingold” with two discs under the set “Ring Des Nibelungen”, the album “Die Walküre” with four discs under the set “Ring Des Nibelungen” and so on…

What is the best way to establish that?
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This feeds into my other thread. If Roon is making a mistake we should absolutely not be expected to manually merge if it has chopped one track off from an album. That change is also proprietary to Roon so its not like it is actually improving any tagging related issue either (although I am confident the issue is an error with Roon, not tagging)

Hi Leon,

Firstly I would recommend reading these KB Articles to get a grasp on how the Roon metadata models and extraction from file tags works:

I think where you are creating custom albums you may need to tell Roon to prefer file metadata for those albums and leave them unidentified.

Next, back up your current Roon database and the relevant music files. That will ensure that you can revert to the current position if things go awry.

Then I’d suggest editing the directory structure and file metadata of the music files as follows:

Move the relevant music files out of your relevant Roon music folder and update library so that all existing metadata in Roon is deleted.

Close Roon and make a separate directory in the Roon music folder for each of the “albums” you wish to see (eg: Classical Music/Wagner/Ring Des Nibelungen/Solti Vienna Philharmonic
/Das Rheingold
/Die Walkure

Move the relevant CDs into those directories. If you are using CD subdirectories label them CD1, CD2 etc.
Edit the file tags for each track to include:
Album: Das Rheingold (etc.)
CD No: # of #

Include an album cover for each intended album as folder.jpg in the album directory.

Start Roon and check what you see. If you still see separate CDs merge them into albums of multiple CDs as desired.

Hope the above is of some assistance. I will drop flags for @mike and @Ludwig to comment on the above if they wouldn’t mind because they have far more experience with Classical Roon metadata than I do.

Hi @DelPrado,

As I understand Leon’s request he is attempting to create custom albums outside the existing file tags or Roon metadata. It is difficult to see why that should be regarded as Roon making a mistake.