Custom built servers

So, lets start this section with ideas of custom built Roon Server options.
I still have a hifidelio music server, which I don’t use anymore.

My idea is (and I am not sure if it is doable yet) to take out the mainboard (powerpc based) and replace it with an Intel maker board (maybe this one)

I found a picture online of the inside of the device:

What I am currently trying to figure out is, if the display and the control buttons can be utilized with a different board. If this works it would be a nice combo for a Roon Server as it looks very well like a hifi-component.

If you have plans or ideas regarding this or your own servers. I am interested to read about them. :slight_smile:

I made a custom server - the build report, including my trials and tribulations and with plenty of pics, is over at Computeraudiophile:

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Looks really nice!
Thank you for your documentation. Just looked at the pictures right now but I will read the whole post later on.

The FC5 Evo Chassis would be nice as well if you’d like the device as a audio ripper, too.

For Roon something like this could be useful, even though it is quite big and (unfortunately only available in black):