Custom Sample Rate Conversion rules

Now that Qobuz is offering the new Studio subscription plan that offers 24bit@192 kHz streaming and it seems that Qobuz is going to be integrated in Roon. I am wondering if is there an automatic way in Roon for discriminate DSP use depending on the source.

I mean, it would be nice to send Studio Qobuz stream direct to de DAC without DSP processing and DSP upsample (or DSD conversion) to the same DAC (output) if played back from the library. All this without manual switching the DSP from the UI.

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You’ll find that a lot of content is not that high. It’s really a mixed bag as to what you’ll get. More and more seems be 44.1/24. So you will likely still want to upsampling.

That is not what I am asking. Thanks for answering, anyway :smiley:

You can make custom rules for Roon to deal in various ways for different resolutions. I’ll post more details when I’m in front of the DSP engine.

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Thanks Andrew!!. I will make a few experiments.

In the Sample Rate Conversion menu there is a Custom option that lets you define Sample Rate outputs for various inputs:

MQA isn’t included as a separate input type. I expect (without testing) that it would be treated as 88.2/96 kHz if software decoding was turned on.

Note that Sample Rate Conversion is incompatible with MQA Rendering. You can convolve or do EQ in Roon on an MQA first unfolded signal and then send it to an MQA renderer, but you can’t do Sample Rate Conversion and have an MQA renderer further unfold. That’s because the second unfold is itself a type of upsampling.

So there is a possibility of conflict here. A user might want to send a Tidal MQA first unfolded signal (88.2/96 kHz) to an MQA renderer with no further upsampling, but might want to continue upsampling other 88.2/96 kHz material (whether local or Qobuz) to the max resolution of a DAC. Let’s ask @brian if there are any plans to permit a Custom MQA rule to be defined.

Alternatively Sample Rate Conversion might just be disabled if Device Setup specifies a Rendering endpoint and an MQA file is detected.

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Hello Andrew.

I tested it in my home and it worked! I have used Custom upsample, then I have select 44.1 kHz to be upsampled to DSD128. The other sample frecuencies remain to default, for now.

Every CD and stream is upsampled to DSD128 and the MQA streams remain in PCM at their sample rate.

I have to try this with a HQPlayer output, when I have time. I want the same: CD quality sources -> upsampled by HQPlayer to DSD128 and the remaing pass through HQPlayer. Maybe I will need some support from Signalyst. I will try in a few weeks from now.