Custom Sample Rate Conversion

I upsample everything to DSD512 (my DAC’s limit) with Roon’s converter and turn off upsampling in the DAC as advised by Roon and I am quite happy with the result especially with low sample rate music.

Is MQA also being upsampled even when the DAC is both the decoder and renderer? If so, is that not wrong as MQA loses its unique upsampling finesse?

Because they clip far less, I have reason to believe MQA files may not be upsampled but it may just be their recording quality. Is there a way to limit rate conversion to non-MQA only? If not, can you add something like this or advise on a workaround please?


I have Roon set to upsample everything to dsd512 as well.
I don’t believe it touches mqa files whatsoever, at least according to the signal quality chain I see when mqa files are being played.

Non MQA (I’m upsampling to 128 usually)

MQA (if dac is decoder and renderer no upsampling, no DSD at the end)

Thanks for the info guys, I will check my signal path again today.

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