Customisable Layout in Sections Like Artists, Search Results

What would be great is the ability to customise the layout of screens. If you’ve used Foobar2000 then you’ll be familiar with how it allows the layout to be changed, and this is very handy.
99% of the time, I am only ever interested in viewing Albums - I hardly ever use subgenres / artist / composer links that seem to come at the top of the layouts every time. What is even worse is that I always have to click on View All (Albums). Now I understand you’d want to avoid the hit of loading lots of album data upfront, but I will almost always want that anyway. If it could be an “infinite scroll” that starts loading the next albums as soon as the scrollbar is touched, this would work I think. Anyway, my point is generally that I’m often doing too much scrolling and too many clicks to get to what I want, and a customisable layout would help.

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