Customizing the Roon theme

Is this possible to do as a batch change across album titles for example in something like mp3tag? I often do batch changes across my entire library replacing one char or string with another. For example replacing occurrences of “,” with “;” or “Berlin Philharmoniker” with “Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra”.

But I’ve not tried something like this before. There seems to be an option to replace one hex code with another in your tags. Anyone know enough mp3tag to do this?

\xnn char with unicode hex value nn
\x{nnnn} char with unicode hex value nnnn

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Thanks for your efforts Damian

Thanks Damian! To think that a week ago I thought I was stuck with a purple unreadable roon.

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The motto is: “Impossible? Just a matter of time” :relaxed:

Hey all – moved this thread to our new Themes category. Make sure you read the info I posted here:

Thanks all!


Can I change the Roon Core themes installed on a MAC and if so where. My room remote software is on my Android tablet. Thanks for your help.

No. This is for Roon remotes on Mac or Windows desktop. Don’t monkey with your core - no themes there, and nothing that can change on iOs or Android platforms as they are locked in apps with no package contents. On a Mac, go to the app icon, right click to show ‘package contents’ and then go from there (‘colors’ is in the theme folder in resources, fonts in resources as well).

Thanks Charles

***warning – the ui_atlas@1x-1.png file has changed in the build 763 update.

if you want to alter any of the shapes, you must edit the new ui_atlas@1x-1.png file that comes in the update.

if you simply copy in the edited file from the previous release you will get erratic behavior and will have to reinstall the roon app – unfortunately, i found this out the hard way!

Are you saying that those of us who have already edited (or replaced) the original file will have lost our changes because the ui_atlas@1x-1.png file has changed with the latest update?

I haven’t accepted the latest update yet - I was planning to do it today. Will I encounter a problem, or will I simply lose my switch from artist circles to artist squares?

yes - if you simply replace the 1x-1 file that comes with the 763 build with the previously edited or modified version, you will experience the behavior shown in this post:

further, if you reinstall the 763 build version of the 1x-1 file, the roon macOS app will fail to launch – at least that was my experience and is probably due to some things being cached.

only remedy for me was to reinstall the macOS app – fortunately, all my settings were saved and populated automatically in the new download.

after all that, i directly edited the 763 build version of the 1x-1 file to change the circle for artists to a square – as i had done with the pre-763 1x-1 file.

hope this helps

note: i did a comparison of the 763 build and the pre-763 build 1x-1 files and found small differences which i believe rendered the pre-763 file unusable in the 763 build release.

Thanks for this. I have now updated to build 763 and avoided this pitfall thanks to you and others who have discovered the issue.

I have reinstated my modified theme, but unfortunately have not been able to work out how to edit the 1x-1 file and so haven’t managed to replace those pesky artist circles. I’ve loaded the file into Paint 3D (Win 10), but cant figure out how to drag a square over the existing circle.

Really annoying!

Edit: Been told how to edit the file so have now got my ‘squares’ back again. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, can you provide me a link to exactly this. Loosing my way finding it back in this topic.
Thanks in advance.

HI Dirk,

What you need to do is edit the file ui_atlas@1x-1.png by replacing the small circle with a square (as illustrated in the above image using an app such as Paint 3D (Windows 10)).

However, be aware that from time to time Roon will themselves edit this file as part of a build release. If your Roon system reverts to circles again, you will have to re-edit the latest version of this file again (because using a backup of a previously modified file could potentially cause serious problems).

ui_atlas@1x-1.png can be found in the following location (Win 10):


where nnnn is your user name.

My particular issue was that I couldn’t figure out how to use Paint 3D to overlay a square on top of the circle.

Someone posted these instructions for me:

“Select the solid square icon. Choose color white. Place mouse cursor on a corner of the area you want to cover, click and hold left mouse button and drag to diagonally opposite corner”.

I didn’t find Paint 3D to be very intuitive!

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Thanks a million


I have tried doing this in Paint 3D on Win 10 but when i load the file up everything just goes white on it so cannot see the circle I need remove with the shape of my choice so due to this I keep crashing roon which is getting annoying now lol.

Check the uploaded files… Discourse seems to be converting them to JPEG, not PNG.

Sorry - tried uploading them here, but it uploads them as jpeg… which don’t have transparency.

Make sure that when you’re saving your files you’re saving them as PNG. The originals seem to be 72 dpi RGB/8.

Cheers managed to get it sorted in the end :+1:

Has anyone succeeded in editing the shapes on a Surface Tablet?
I modified the respective file on my laptop and it just worked beautifully.
On the Surface, however, no luck whatsoever. Out of exasperation I even modified all four of the ui-atlas files to “all white” (no shapes, no logo, no anything) and even that did not produce the slightest change in the appearance of Roon.
So obviously there is a totally different mechanism at work there …
Does anyone have any idea what that might possibly be?

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