DAC 3B and Ropieee

Does Ropieee control the digital volume level? Can I use it with the DAC 3B, which doesn’t have a volume control, feeding an AHB2 directly without an analog preamplifier?


Yes. You can use ROON to control the volume level and your RoPieee will render the data correctly to your Benchmark DAC3. The Benchmark DAC3 will drive the AHB2 amplifiers directly.

Some people believe running ROON at forced 100% volume into the DAC and using a preamplifier between the DAC and power amp will produce a better sounding result.

I do this because I have several analog sources in the system so I need a preamp. If I was all digital I’d consider eliminating the preamp.

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Thank you. I have no analog sources and use my audio system only for Roon, so it should work for me.

Could you please suggest some settings in RoPieee that would be best for such a setup? Is Force Volume relevant here?

Thank you.

I set the ROPIEEE to Force Volume = OFF

Note: I am still using the older version of ROPIEEE software. ending in …v7l+

In ROON I setup Audio>RPi>Device Setup >DSP Volume



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In the device setup, do you choose one of the predefined Benchmark DACs? There are only two and neither offers the exact DAC 3B feature set. I could just accept the generic ALSA device and configure it myself. Is that what you do?

Thank you.

I don’t recall how I set up my DAC 3 HGC. It’s not where I am right now so can’t check the setup.

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I don’t think I configured anything, here’s what the ropieee web interface looks like:

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