DAC+ and Blu Ray players

Has anyone had experience with running a Blu Ray Disc through a Sony Blu Ray player into a DAC+? The DAC plays the DISC but only at 16/44.1 or 48 even though it should be playing at 24/96.

Do you have your digital out settings correctly configured in the player?

Thanks. There are only two settings for Digital Out: AUTO and PCM. I thought PCM would be what is needed but it did not work. So I am on AUTO and I can read all discs except blu ray and even blu ray at 16/48.

If you’re getting sound, I’m presuming it’s coming as PCM as the Mytek surely won’t decode the native soundtrack? If you’re outputting PCM from a Blu-ray Disc via spdif, it may be a requirement that the player downsamples as part of the licensing arrangement perhaps?

Good hypothesis. I believe that Blu Ray DISCs are copyrighted and my Desktop removable disc drive cannot read them.

Thanks again for the suggestion. I can still play almost all non-Blu Ray discs.