DAC Brooklyn not Working with Roon!

Hello and again a new user… I just set up Roon on the NAS that runs flawlessly only does Roon not find my Brooklyn DAC? Audirvana Plus and tidal work flawlessly! What am I doing wrong?

Under a Surface 3 Pro, Roon does not seem to work on a Lenovo notebook! What can this be? Thanks for your help

Go into Settings>audio in Roon and see if the DAC is listed. You may have to enable it.

I don’t understand your second question. What’s the connection between a Surface 3 Pro and a Lenovo Notebook? There’s no reason Roon shouldn’t work on either, especially the Surface Pro.

The only reason it might not work on the Lenove notebook is if the notebook doesn’t meet the video requirements or some other requirement for Roon. Check the requirements vs your notebook.

on the Surface 3 Pro does not appear in the settings of the Brooklyn Dac! On the Lenovo notebook, on the other hand, it is available! on the Surface exactly the same software is installed as on the notebook Audirivana and Tidal recognize the Dac on the Surface 3 Pro, only Roon does not see the Dac!

Turn everything off (including including NAS,DAC, router, switch, etc). Turn on each device one by one - first router, Then NAS, Then DAC, then The PCs. Do they see each other?
If not, turn off PC, and DAC. Turn PCs on, then after DAC. etc.
Some equipment needs to get turned on in a certain order to recognize to be recognized, or recognize other items.

Keep in mind the Brooklyn needs to be connected to an endpoint in order for it to show up in roon.

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I found out that the hardware is broken.