DAC slow to lock on to changing sample rates -- a fix in Roon? [Answered - Resync Delay]

Hi – I am trying out a Bricasti DAC (superb), but there is one little glitch that I also noticed with the DCS Debussy. When I switch from a file of one sample rate, like 24/96, to another, like 16/44, sometimes it will miss the first second or two of music as the DAC locks on to the new rate. It also happens when going from low rez to hi rez. Brian at Bricasti says the media player controls this (not speaking specifically about Roon). I didn’t communicate directly, so I guess he means some silence or delay can be inserted between tracks. I couldn’t find any such settings in Roon. If anyone is familiar with this issue and/or know if Roon has any controls like this, I’d be very grateful to hear. Thanks. – David

Sound like you’ll want to fiddle a bit with Resync Delay:

Settings > Audio > Device Setup (accessible through the ‘cog wheels’ icon next to your audio device) > General > Resync Delay.

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Awesome. Thanks for the tip!