DAC to core via USB or or DAC to RAAT via Ropieee

I understand the recommendation to use the RAAT protocol to connect endpoints to the Roon core.
From a theoretical/measurement based point of view is it better to connect an older DAC Denon DA300 USB directly to the Roon core via WASAPI or hook it up to RPI 4 USB running Ropieee?

I understand that listening is ultimately the way to decide it, but again a comparison of the two different options in respect of transport quality is what I am interested in.

Doubt you’ll perceive much difference between the two. RAAT’s main advantage is that it gives the Core some control over the operations of the DAC that you can’t get with the other protocols, but USB direct from the Core machine will do much the same thing. Theoretically there may be some noise that travels along the USB cable, but actual measurements haven’t been able to find much of that, as far as I know. Might depend on what machine you’re running the Core on.

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