Daphile as Squeezebox end point

Has anyone had any luck using a Daphile as a Roon end point? I know it’s not supported by RoonLabs but it is a valid Squeezebox emulator (squeezelite) and I wanted to give it a fair trial before wiping the NUC on which I have it installed and trying the RoonBridge route.

I thought Daphile was Linux based. Why wipe anything. Can’t you try loading the Roonbridge for linux and see if it works?

Not as simple as that, unfortunately. Daphile is Linux-based; but it is deliberately headless and has no console interface – just a web page, so it doesn’t look like a Linux OS to an app installer.

Its Squeezebox emulation is by way of a tweaked version of squeezelite. In my case, Roon doesn’t discover the Daphile the way it does my Squeezebox Touch and Bryston BDP-1. I was curious to know if anybody else has found a way to persuade Roon to discover a Daphile, since Roon currently handles Squeezeboxes so elegantly.

I saw mention of a possible bootable RoonBridge for Linux, which might work better for me than trying to run Linux (or Windows) in headless mode with RoonBridge as an app. I’m just trying to extend the usefulness of the NUC currently hosting the Daphile without having to provide it with an attached display, which would be a deal breaker for me. I’d rather go the SonicOrbiterSE route.

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