Daphile + Roon? Yes, we can!

(ein) #1


In advanced settings (Daphile web panel) use yours Roon Core address in adv/General(player)/MediaServer ( before I installed plug-ins ie.: uPNP/DLNA/Chromecast Bridge… after that in Roon flash “Squeezelite end-piont”, full identification @ Roon software, mysqueezebox also full access (internal address), but no playback and only 96KHz etc… so, no fun ;)). Hint: install plug-ins before change server address.

When you changed address to external (Roon Core) you have successful identification on software (with correct end-point name i.e.: Daphile) and …smooth playback. Max PCM = 192, you can use also DoP (Daphile/plug-ins/DSD). Ofc it works only when DAC / sound card on Daphile PC support 1 bit.

My setup**: Daphile PC (passive HP terminal with PCI-e riser), Matrix X-Hi and M2Tech HiFace DAC. No drops, gapless, bit perfect, play DSD (HiFace DAC have not full support that signal, but music is very quiet… anyways it works). **Roon (Core) works 24/7 on iMac

All here works like Squeezebox player, just like my Squeezebox Touch** in different zone :slight_smile: (sometimes you have double ident., use player with correct MAC address… check it on Daphile web panel adv/settings/general)

**even better: DSD playback, MQA support on Roon…