Dare I Install?

I was one of the misfortunates whose Nucleus+ required a total reinstall after that recent – and infamous – automatic firmware upgrade. In my case, that reinstall required the $75/hour assistance of an IT professional to help me due to my lack of required ancillary equipment (like a monitor) to do the job. Now, every time I open Roon I get the message that an update (Build 571) is available for install. I have a few questions about this message. (1) Is this a more recent update than the one which had to be installed via a flash drive by the IT guy? (2) If so, will I risk my Nucleus+ shutting down again if I agree to install this newer version of the firmware? and (3) If it is the same update as was on the flash drive, how do I stop that available update notification from appearing on my iPad every time I turn on Roon?

Build 610 is current. Click Settings - About and see if anything needs an update. If everything is up to date and you keep getting that message, you could try reinstalling the Roon app on your iPad. If your Nucleus is not on build 610, you should be OK to let it update to the current version.

@Jonathan_Meyers It’s always desirable to have the roon Core and clients at the same build version so that new features work correctly.

Build 610 is the current version you should be running. Roon’s OS version for Rock/
Nucleus Is often updated at a much slower cycle.

See Roon OS Release Notes for the most recent OS release

Slim my apologies but this is a recent change to bridge versions that I appear to have missed the memo on…up until recently (days ago) it was 171 or 172

I’ve edited above to remove the comment

Bingo Build 571 Lost All Roon Bridge Settings


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Thank you for your response. I have the latest builds on both my iPad and my Nucleus+. Nevertheless, I keep getting the message “An update is awaiting relaunch. Click Here to Relaunch.”

That “relaunch” is precisely what I am very hesitant to do given the last disaster I suffered with an update. Is there a way I can just get this message deleted? I tried deleting and the reinstalling the Roon Remote app on my iPad, and still that message reappeared.

Thank you – and anyone else who has something to offer!

I think we need Roon support to weigh in now. I’ll move this thread to Nucleus Support.

If you are awaiting relaunch, you’ve already installed the new version. you just need to relaunch. There are no known issues and the majority of Roon users are running build 571 or 610.

There is no way to undo this, and while the latest update is not immediately mandatory, you must take updates eventually because we change the way the Core talks to the Roon cloud services and do not maintain backwards compatibility for more than a few months.

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This morning, I took Danny’s advice and relaunched. Updating my library took awhile (I have 8,555 albums ripped onto my hard drive), but, at the end, voila! All works as intended. That is a big relief.


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