Dark mood support

Hi Roon! We need dark-mood support for iOS devices plz. Thanks.

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Dark theme not enough?

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I had made a similar request a month or two ago - Dark Mode is too much actually, its really contrasty, just as 100% white backgrounds are too bright.


Same with MacOS version…

See the difference between black and dark mode in MacOS

Doesn’t Roon dark mode already exist for iOS devices?

And here I was thinking the OP was requesting a way to play only The Cure and Bauhaus, and maybe Pink Floyd…


Oh my goth! :sweat_smile:


Actually its very good, the problem is when I shift also iOS to dark mode there will be problem. Try for yourself and see what happens too Roon.

iOS has a dark mode other that what roon settings has? I use Dark Theme on all my remotes…iOS and Mac and PC

Yes. iOS Has its own dark mode : setting, general, accessibility, display accommodation, invert colors, smart invert

Not really working for me with the iOS setting as above. The screen capture below shows the album as the right colour…how odd, but in fact the display image is negative colours.