Dark theme grey tone displays differently for one album

I’ve just spotted this strange issue, replicable on the Windows app (running on wine in my case) and on iOS.

Roon’s dark theme background tone (EDIT: actually the whole UI) shows too light for one album in my collection.




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It’s because of the “classical” tag.

All classical releases will have a different colour tone. If you revert to the light theme, you will notice this too.

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Thanks, I’m not a big classical listener so had no idea that the theme changed with this type of release.

Neither am I and was curious first time I came across this and asked on here :slight_smile:

Is there any logic to this design choice? It seems completely pointless to me.

No idea if I’m honest. I rather like it and wished I could apply it throughout Roon.

If you’re up for some minor coding Roon’s themes can be changed.

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Cheers Dave. Seen this when I joined Roon but honestly, am rather useless at coding and would definitely mess things up :slight_smile:

Providing you make a copy of the themes folder first, which you can then use to replace anything you mess up, you’d probably be fine. Put another way, it looks complicated, but it’s just a series of steps to work through - no real coding required :slight_smile:

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I’ve amended this thread title as this behaviour is clearly intended.

If we’re making UI changes based on genre tags I’d like for my black metal albums to use a true black theme embellished with satanic runes.


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