Dark theme needs work

You need to adjust more of the colors.
Blue against black is not legible.
At least on my tablet when sitting in my living room with the gorgeous Seattle sunshine flooding in.


FYI - I do not have that issue on my iPad. But that is in normal room lighting, not outside sun.

I really like the Dark over the Light theme. Now they just need to have some settings for background and foreground color. that way you could change the Blue to White and could see it better when outside or in sunlight.

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Is the iOS version out?

[quote=“robtodd, post:3, topic:1876, full:true”]
Is the iOS version out?[/quote]
iOs app - Not yet.

I RDP into my Roon on my iPad

What are you using for this please?

I have a Macbook Pro running Roon at the moment and am itching for the iOS app to appear. Anything that can let me control the Mac from a distance would be a godsend.

[quote=“robtodd, post:5, topic:1876”]
What are you using for this please?[/quote]
Microsoft RDP for iPad (I am windows, not mac)

It’s quite easy with a Mac as well: make sure screen sharing is enabled on your server/core. (System Preferences > Sharing > Screen sharing).

On your iOS device, you can download any (free) VNC app from the app store to connect. You may want to lower the screen resolution on your MacBook a bit for best results.

If you don’t mind spending a little money, you may want to try the app ‘Screens’ – I find that it gives the best performance and it offers some smart keyboard modes. I use this on my iPhone 6 plus with quite acceptable usability. Having a fast (ac) Wifi network helps, of course.

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Thank you.

I’m working on this guys. I’m gonna increase contrast across the board.

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I like the dark theme but I agree that something just seems a bit off with it. Maybe the “dark” isn’t actually dark enough or maybe it’s that the text colouring just doesn’t pop off the background colour well enough.

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That has to be some kind of record :laughing: