Darko on Node X

John Darko has made two recent, extensive videos on the Node X. a few points stood out:

  • Sound quality via the RCA and headphone outputs is “noticeably improved”
    -Sound quality via coax out is the same as previous gens
    -USB output works with Roon, w/o crackles, etc

what he did not address, and I am curious about, is whether there’s any difference in sound quality via USB vs spidif.

I may have to try one just to find out.


I’ve just received my Node X last week. It’s my first Bluesound device so I can’t compare its sound quality with other Nodes.

I did temporarily connect it to my Cambridge CXA81 to compare it with my Cambridge CXNv2. It did sound a bit punchier compared to the Cambridge. Both connected through RCA.

Now the Node X is running the show in my office. Directly connected to a pair of Presonus Eris E4.5 BT monitors.

Sound quality is excellent and no pops or noise when using it. Either with Roon or BluOS.

I love it.


I am impressed with my Node X, I use it as my bedside headphone rig feeding my HifiMan Planars, my Fostex customs, or my Campfire/Final iem’s.

A breeze to set up and use, my second Bluesound unit; I also have a Powernode.